Monday, January 15, 2018

Week 18!

Our first full week back from vacation sure was busy! Check out some of our highlights below:


  • Comparing and ordering fractions
  • Putting fractions in simplest terms
  • Mixed numbers to improper fractions
  • Equivalent fractions
  • Some challenge material included ratios, rates, percents and proportions
  • Began a project based learning experience where students are designing and building their own buildings which will be a part of our "5L Community"

  • Introduced and began working on Mixbooks!
  • Students will be creating a digital version of their informational research (it will look like a real book)
  • These will be available for you to purchase if you are interested
  • More details will be sent home once students have completed their books!

*Word Study:
  • Spelling test was given on Friday
  • New words will go home on Tuesday
  • Completed 2,000 points worth of word work activities
  • Finished matter science experiments
  • Wrote an analysis and conclusion using data to support thinking
  • Recorded a reflection on SeeSaw

Enjoy the long weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Friday, January 5, 2018

Week 17!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday and enjoyed time with your families.  While it was wonderful to take time to relax, I was so happy to see your children this week.  I missed them!

With a new year comes new happenings in 5L.  In an effort to get your child more prepared for middle school, here are some important changes to know about:

  • In conjunction with nightly math homework, weekly math review sheets will be sent home on Monday.  These are always due on Friday.  These sheets will cover any concept previously taught this year.  They can be completed nightly, or in chunks.  It's really up to your child!
  • If your child forgets to turn in their math homework, it will count against their overall grade.  If your child is absent, no worries! I certainly am understanding of varying circumstances that could interfere with homework completion. 
  • Word Study has begun.  Spelling words will be given to your child on Fridays and they will be tested the following Friday.  The majority of their word work will be done in school, but they will take their word work journal home with them if you would like to quiz them.
  • Began our fraction review unit
  • Talked about "flipping" our math classroom
  • Learned about fractions as division and equivalent fractions
  • Added more research to our reports
  • Worked on conclusions
  • We will begin our digital/printable books next week!
  • Began a new read aloud book
  • Reviewed matter and what we learned before vacation
  • Worked on our matter experiments
  • Learned about different ways to collect data

Friday, December 22, 2017

Week 16!

Thank you to everyone who donated to our class celebration!  The kids had a fantastic time celebrating and really enjoyed the photo booth, karaoke, crafting, hot cocoa and more.  A special thank you to the parents who helped organize and run the class party.  I really appreciate all that you do!

Also, thank you to everyone who donated to the food bank. Your thoughtfulness will make a difference in someone's life. I hope you have a relaxing and restful week with you families.  Happy New Year to you all!

Mrs. Loh

Monday, December 18, 2017

Week 15!

One more week until winter break.  It is hard to believe that a new year is already upon us! Check out some highlights from our week below:


  • Dividing decimals in the divisor
  • Dividing decimals in the dividend
  • SeeSaw problem solving
  • Dividing decimals word problems
  • Interpreting the remainder
  • Trimming the Tree: Real world project calculating cost/tax/discounts for holiday decor
  • Worked on strong leads to hook readers
  • Worked on crafting each subtopic to fit a specific text structure
  • Shared our writing with literacy partners/larger groups
  • Worked on citing sources in our writing

  • Visited 5P and 5W for science this week
  • We will begin an inquiry project next week to demonstrate learning from our matter unit

*Secret Santa:
-Students in 5L wanted to have a Secret Santa in class....we will be doing this on TUESDAY, December 19th.  Students were told they had to make/create something from home for the Secret Santa.  No need to spend any money!  They can also wrap a book/game/toy that they no longer use.

Our grade 5 puberty talk will take place on Wednesday and Friday next week.

Enjoy the weekend!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Week 14!

Our room was decorated to the nines this week, but we were still able to focus and learn a lot!  Check out some of our highlights below:

  • Interpret remainders in problem solving with division
  • Double digit divisors
  • Reviewed and took an assessment
  • Played math games with 5D
  • Created our own versions of trashketball
  • Decimal division is next week!

  • Chose a high interest and engaging research topic
  • Took notes on subtopics and details
  • Flashdrafted with our notes
  • Went back to the drawing board with some research
  • Worked on writing each section through the lens of a specific text structure
  • Asked questions about each other's flashdrafts to help guide research 
  • Discovered FANTASTIC, gripping leads in non-fiction books
  • Wrote leads to pull in our readers

  • 5L visited Mrs. Craig and Mrs. DeLello for Science this week
  • We learned more about the law of conservation of mass in 5L
  • Make sure to ask them about traveling

Holiday Desk Wars
  • Each desk group decorated their tables to go along with their theme.  
  • It's safe to say, 5L is a magical place!

Reminder: Early Release Wednesday, December 13th

Enjoy the snow!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Week 13!

This week was jam packed with learning!  We started new units of study in all subject areas, and boy were we busy.  Check out some of our highlights below:


  • Divisibility rules
  • Estimating quotients
  • Long division of whole numbers
  • Turning remainders into fractions or decimals
  • Colored ugly sweaters to practice long division
  • Created winter holiday houses to practice long division

  • Began our informational units in reading and writing (research reports and tackling complexity)
  • Learned about five different text structures (description, cause and affect, problem and solution, order and sequence and compare and contrast)
  • Practiced writing about a topic through each text structure using specific graphic organizers
  • Investigated non fiction passages and determined which text structure the author used to write with
  • Brainstormed research topic/subtopic ideas
  • Began researching our topics

  • Began our matter unit
  • Learned about solid, liquid and gas
  • Spent two days in 5L learning about physical and chemical changes
  • Did a Smore's Lab to investigate the difference between chemical and physical changes
  • Learned about the Law of Conservation of Mass
  • Did a Popcorn Lab to investigate the mass of matter and what happens to it during a physical/chemical change
  • 5L will visit 5D and 5C next week to learn more about matter!

*Science Observations with 2H Buddies:
  • We met with our 2H buddies and worked on making detailed scientific observations of nature

Have a wonderful weekend!