Friday, April 21, 2017

Ted Talks

This past week each student got up in front of their peers and parents to deliver their own passionate Ted Talk.  I truly mean it when I say how blown away I was.  Each child put forth such great effort, it left me speechless.  Check out each one below!

Olivia: Animal Testing

Alison: College Tuition Should Be Free

Dylan: Everyone Should Be on a Sports Team

Brielle: Stop Animal Cruelty

Conor: Lacrosse Should Be in the Olympics

Alli: Having Confidence

Austin: Social Media is Overtaking Us

Cole: Football Should Be Worldwide

Lauren: Why You Should Take a Swim Lesson

Gavin: Why You Should Play Contact Sports

Andrew: Why You Should Not Play Tackle Football

Reese: Why You Should Have Faith

Jack: Everyone Should Have a Small and Furry Pet

Ryan: The Dangers of Theme Parks

Sophia: Animal Testing

Chloe: Kill Shelters

Jack: How Parents Fighting Effects Kids

Sean: Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Ella: Pit Bulls are Loving Animals

Have a safe vacation and enjoy every moment!
Mrs. Loh

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 31!

Thank you to everyone who came and met with me over the past two weeks.  This year has seemed to pass quicker than most, and I have a feeling the next two months are going to fly!  Take a look below at what we've been working on this week:

  • Volume of regular and irregular shapes
  • How many cubes to fill a prism
  • Volume with fractional lengths
  • Structure of a Ted Talk
  • Students filled in a structure with their major ideas
  • Students then wrote long and strong from their notes and also added in presentation moves
*Jeff Warner
  • The students have had Jeff Warner most afternoons
  • On Thursday, Jeff worked all morning with our class

*Thursday, April 20th at 2 pm, the fifth graders will sing some songs they've learned with Jeff Warner in the Library.  Please come and join us!

*Wednesday and Thursday the students will present their Ted Talks.  Ten students will go each day.  These will start at 10:15 and only run until about 11:15.  IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR A DAY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!

*Friday, April 21: Jump rope for heart

*Thursday, May 25th is our Boston Field Trip! More information will be coming home after vacation.  I'll be able to take two parents on the bus and those parents will definitely be able to go to the Boston Tea Party Museum.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Friday, April 7, 2017

Week 30!

Only two more weeks until April vacation.  I don't know about you, but I feel like we just got back from February vacation!  The students were really busy this week as they embarked on some exciting new projects.  Check it out below:


  • Volume of regular shapes
  • Volume of irregular shapes
  • CSI math investigation 
  • Math games on Friday with 5D

  • Wrapped up our argument writing unit
  • Used a checklist to highlight and revise our written work
  • Essays will be sent home next week
  • Began learning about TED Talks
  • Discussed key components of TED Talks
  • Students brainstormed a topic they are passionate about 
*PASSION PROJECT (aka a TED Talk):  Students will be researching, writing and presenting their very own TED Talk in our classroom.  Each of them has come up with a topic of their choice that they are passionate about and will be working on writing/memorizing a speech.  You will be invited to come into our classroom and watch our passion projects come alive.  Due to a large class, these talks will take place over the course of two days before April Vacation (April 19th and 20th)

Important Dates:
  • Early Release: April 12th
  • TED Talks: April 19th and 20th
  • Jeff Warner Sing Along: April 20th 2:00
  • Jump Rope for Heart: April 21st
  • Freedom Trail: May 25th
Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Week 29!

Another busy week has come and gone.  Here's a look at what 5L has been up to:

  • Classifying triangles by angles and sides
  • Finding missing angles of triangles
  • Finding missing angles of quadrilaterals
  • Transformations of shapes (rotations, reflections and translations)
  • Different types of lines (rays, line segments, parallel lines)
  • Argumentative leads
  • Counterclaims
  • Layering in personal thinking with evidence
  • Conclusions
  • Created lab reports to document hypothesis about inquiry science project
  • Crafted and experimented to test varying hypotheses
  • Completed a lab report to demonstrated observations and data

Important Dates:
  • Early Release: April 5th
  • Early Release: April 12th
  • Smarter Balanced Testing: May 8th-May 19th
  • Freedom Trail Field Trip: May 25th
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Week 28!

It's hard to fathom that the end of March is approaching and that I only have two and a half months left with your children.  This year seems to be passing by in the blink of an eye!  Here are some of the things students have been working on the past week:


  • Regular and irregular polygons
  • Quadrilateral hierarchy
  • Types of quadrilaterals
  • Congruent figures
  • Classifying triangles by sides and angles
  • Choice review (students have been given a list of skills we have learned this past year and are able to choose which ones they need more practice in.  From there, they choose worksheets, videos, games or lessons in order to practice skills).

  • Students researched both sides of their argument
  • We wrote on demand flash drafts to the best of our ability
  • We looked at ways to organize information into body paragraphs
  • Learned how to "unpack" quotes and evidence and to explain their importance
  • Discussed and practiced using evidence based terms in our writing
  • Along with 5D, students performed a density experiment to see whether certain objects with different densities would sink or float
  • We began self guided stations focused on mixtures and solutions
  • Students chose small groups and created an inquiry question focused on an aspect of matter.  They then designed their own experiment as a way to test their question.  
  • The inquiry experiments will take place on Monday

*Social Hour:
  • Together with 5D, we talked about changing friendships and feeling like you belong somewhere.  We shared that change is inevitable but how you react to it can make a huge difference.  
  • We also talked about the digital age and how what you say via text messaging can be taken differently than you may have intended. 
  • We simulated an activity in which with every mean word said, our paper "heart" was crumpled.  When Mrs. DeLello and I tried to then say positive things to one another, although our heart was uncrumpled, it still had rips and bumps that were there.  Through this, we discussed the importance of thinking about what you say to others and how it can leave lasting effects on someone. 
*Important Information/Dates
  • Early Release: April 5th
  • Early Release: April 12th
  • Smarter Balanced Testing: May 8th-May 19th
  • BOSTON Freedom Trail Field Trip: May 25th
  • Conference Sign Up
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Week 27!

Another week was shortened due to weather, early releases and teacher in service days, but we still managed to get quite a bit done!  Check out our happenings below:


  • Began a March Madness project that focuses on fractions, percents, decimals and statistics
  • Filled out brackets for March Madness
  • Took a dividing fractions quiz
  • Persevered through difficult word problems
  • Gathered information for our research debate teams
  • Practiced flash debates with 5D
  • Chose a topic for our argumentative writing unit

  • Completed matter centers that focused on analyzing, exploring, explaining and sorting

Important Information:
*I will be emailing a link to our spring conference sign ups.  Please be on the lookout!

Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Week 26!

What a jam packed week we had in 5L!  We launched many new units and were immersed in some great learning opportunities.  We also had our annual grade 5 vs staff basketball game on Thursday night.  I told the class I was SO impressed with them!  They truly had some serious basketball skills. Below you can check out some of the happenings of our week:

  • Reviewed multiplying fractions
  • Worked on finding area with fractional side lengths
  • Problem solved
  • Took a quiz on Thursday
  • Began our new reading/writing units which focus on argument and advocacy
  • Learned about being an informed citizen 
  • Practiced suspending judgement and researching to find both sides of an issue
  • Joined a debate team and researched both sides in order to prepare for a debate
  • Learned what makes an argument strong (claim, reasons and solid evidence)
  • Debate team topics are: Are extreme sports worth the risk?  Should animals be kept in zoos?  Are sharks or humans more dangerous?  Should we ban plastic bags and water bottles? 

Should animals be kept in zoos?

Should we ban plastic bottles and bags?

Are humans or sharks more dangerous?

Are extreme sports worth the risk? 

  • Began our new matter unit
  • Learned about solid, liquid & gas
  • Took ownership of our learning by visiting different centers to gain understanding about density, matter vocabulary, atoms and matter.
*Classcraft: We launched Classcraft in our classroom this week!  Please ask your child to show you it at home.  Essentially, each student is playing the role of a character (Mage, Healer, Warrior) while working together in small groups.  I am the Gamemaster, sharing daily random events that either hinder or help teams/individuals.  Students earn points for positive behaviors and lose points for negative behaviors.  As their character levels up, they are able to acquire new powers to be used in the classroom! 

*Important Dates:
  • Early Release Thursday, March 16th
  • No School Friday, March 17th
  • Sign up form for April Parent Teacher Conferences will be sent home next week
Enjoy the weekend!
Mrs. Loh