Wednesday, June 21, 2017


It's hard to believe that our year together is over.  I can't tell you enough how much I have loved having each and every one of your children in my class.  You all have done an amazing job at raising some really amazing kids.  Thank you so much for everything this year.  I will never forget your children!

Enjoy every moment of your summer!
Mrs. Loh

Monday, June 5, 2017

Math Music Videos!

Alli, Channie and Annie:

Alison and Brielle:

Andrew, Sean, Gavin, Cole and Conor:

Chloe, Annabeth and Colleen:

Reese, Ella and Talia: COMING SOON...

Olivia, Sophia and Lauren:

Jack and Logan:

Dylan, Ryan, Austin and Jack:

Monday, May 29, 2017

Week 36!

Another busy week has come and gone!  This one was filled with a rainy field trip, ecosystems in a bottle and math music videos galore.  This time of the year is always filled with excitement, yet passes so quickly. Check out some highlights from our week:

*Ecosystems in a Bottle:

*Freedom Trail: It was too rainy for me to get any photos, but thank you to all the parents who braved the freezing rain to join us!  Although we were freezing and soaked, it certainly was a field trip to be remembered.

*Worm Composting: We have some new friends living in our classroom.  Ask your child about our WORMS!

Important Dates 
  • CMS guidance visits grade 5  6/1
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 6/2 at 8 am
  • Grandparent's Lunch 6/5
  • Field Day at SHP 6/9
  • We visit CMS 6/12
  • 5D/5L Revolutionary War Play will be later in the week of 6/12-6/16
  • Odiorne 6/19
  • 5th Grade Celebration 6/19
  • Last Day and Walk Out 6/20
Enjoy the long weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Friday, May 19, 2017

Week 35!

Well, testing is officially over and boy, does it feel good to have it behind us!  I am incredibly proud of how the students stayed positive and hard working throughout.  

Here are some things we did beyond testing....

*Math: Music Videos have just been launched! Ask your child their topic and song choice.

  • Fantasy book clubs are in full swing
  • We've looked at setting, learning alongside the characters, character problems and suspending judgment of a character

*Social Studies
  • Read more from King George: What was his Problem?
  • Brainstormed ideas with 5D about how to showcase our learning...  with a PLAY!
  • Students started working on a timeline in pairs that will focus on perspectives
Important Dates 
  • Boston Freedom Trail 5/25
  • CMS guidance visits grade 5  6/1
  • Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast 6/2 at 8 am
  • Grandparent's Lunch 6/5
  • Field Day at SHP 6/9
  • We visit CMS 6/12
  • 5D/5L Revolutionary War Play will be later in the week of 6/12-6/16
  • Odiorne 6/19
  • 5th Grade Celebration 6/19
  • Last Day and Walk Out 6/20

Boston Field Trip:  Two parent names have been pulled from a hat to ride the bus with us down to Boston (Ellen Bernard and David Moores).  The rest of you are welcome to join us in Boston.  We will begin at the Boston Tea Party.  If you are planning on meeting us at the Tea Party, make sure to be there earlier than we will arrive to ensure you can purchase a ticket.  They have a max capacity.  Otherwise, you can meet us at any point along the way.

IF you would like to take your child home with you from the field trip, please send me an email. You have to sign a form prior to the field trip day. 

The bus will be departing SMS at 8:00 so be sure to have your child here at 7:45. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Week 33!

Another week closer to the end of the year!  I just cannot believe it.  We sure do have a LOT coming up in the week ahead.  Check it out below:

Math and Literacy
  • We revisited GROWTH MINDSET as we began a week of test prep
  • Kids paired up to tackle both math and literacy questions
  • We created jeopardy games based on math units taught this year
Fantasy Book Clubs
  • I introduced our final reading unit, FANTASY!
  • Students were put in book clubs 
Social Studies
  • We continued to read aloud from King George: What was his Problem to build our timeline
  • Students worked through ten text sets focusing on different events and perspectives of the war
  • Women, children, African Americans, spies, Loyalists, Patriots, Tea Party, Boston Massacre were among some of them


SBAC testing begins for fifth graders on Monday.  Students need the usual (sleep, a good hearty breakfast as well as a growth mindset).  I'm letting kids chew gum during testing if they want to bring some in.  They may use mints as well as long as they are quiet about it and it's not distracting to others.  We will test for literacy Monday through Thursday.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  In honor of testing, students will only need to read their Fantasy books for homework.


More information about the field trip will come home next week, including the itinerary and the cost.  I'm taking two parents on the bus with us.  Any and all parents are welcome to come down and meet us.  Last year, not all parents were allowed into the Boston Tea Party museum due to capacity limits.  Some parents chose to come in a little later and meet us on the Common where we have lunch before the Freedom Trail. Then we walk the Freedom Trail together as a big group.  Be prepared to run up Bunker Hill monument too!  Just kidding.  We walk and it's a great time and workout!

Have a great weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ted Talks

This past week each student got up in front of their peers and parents to deliver their own passionate Ted Talk.  I truly mean it when I say how blown away I was.  Each child put forth such great effort, it left me speechless.  Check out each one below!

Olivia: Animal Testing

Alison: College Tuition Should Be Free

Dylan: Everyone Should Be on a Sports Team

Brielle: Stop Animal Cruelty

Conor: Lacrosse Should Be in the Olympics

Alli: Having Confidence

Austin: Social Media is Overtaking Us

Cole: Football Should Be Worldwide

Lauren: Why You Should Take a Swim Lesson

Gavin: Why You Should Play Contact Sports

Andrew: Why You Should Not Play Tackle Football

Reese: Why You Should Have Faith

Jack: Everyone Should Have a Small and Furry Pet

Ryan: The Dangers of Theme Parks

Sophia: Animal Testing

Chloe: Kill Shelters

Jack: How Parents Fighting Effects Kids

Sean: Is Social Media Good or Bad?

Ella: Pit Bulls are Loving Animals

Have a safe vacation and enjoy every moment!
Mrs. Loh

Monday, April 17, 2017

Week 31!

Thank you to everyone who came and met with me over the past two weeks.  This year has seemed to pass quicker than most, and I have a feeling the next two months are going to fly!  Take a look below at what we've been working on this week:

  • Volume of regular and irregular shapes
  • How many cubes to fill a prism
  • Volume with fractional lengths
  • Structure of a Ted Talk
  • Students filled in a structure with their major ideas
  • Students then wrote long and strong from their notes and also added in presentation moves
*Jeff Warner
  • The students have had Jeff Warner most afternoons
  • On Thursday, Jeff worked all morning with our class

*Thursday, April 20th at 2 pm, the fifth graders will sing some songs they've learned with Jeff Warner in the Library.  Please come and join us!

*Wednesday and Thursday the students will present their Ted Talks.  Ten students will go each day.  These will start at 10:15 and only run until about 11:15.  IF YOU HAVE A PREFERENCE FOR A DAY, PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!

*Friday, April 21: Jump rope for heart

*Thursday, May 25th is our Boston Field Trip! More information will be coming home after vacation.  I'll be able to take two parents on the bus and those parents will definitely be able to go to the Boston Tea Party Museum.

Have a wonderful weekend!
Mrs. Loh