Friday, October 20, 2017

Week 8!

Happy Friday!  We had such a fantastic week in 5L!  Check out some highlights below:

-Adding and subtracting decimals
-Estimating sums and differences
-Drawing diagrams to show addition and subtraction of decimals
-Quick check
-Math games with 5D!

-Focused on the so what and theme of our narratie
-Tried to make our theme obvious to readers
-Met as book clubs
-Gave advice to our characters about the problems they are facing
-Took a spelling pre-assessment

*Social Studies:
-Continued working on our social studies projects
-Had a few groups practice live, in front of both classes
-Gave a glow/grow to groups to make projects even better

-5L and 5D helped with fall cleanup in the garden on Thursday!

-Halloween Celebration: 10/31
-Early Release: 11/1 and 11/8

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, October 13, 2017

Week 7!

This week may have been shorter, but we still managed to get quite a bit done.  Check out some of our highlights below:


  • Students chose between two projects 
  • Project 1: creating and building a board game that contains unit 1 concepts 
  • Project 2: taking a survey to figure out careers they would be good at/creating a budget based on their annual salary
  • Unit 2 (adding and subtracting decimals) will begin on Monday!

  • Had two book club meetings
  • Worked on listening to other perspectives about what is happening in our books and using that information to deepen our thinking
  • Looked at character problems and possible life lessons or themes we could learn from those problems
  • Created story arcs for our personal narrative and used each moment to write long and strong
  • Uploaded current narrative drafts to SeeSaw

*Social Studies:
  • Filled out a project planning guide in small groups
  • Focused on how presentations will engage the audience, what resources groups will be using, how they will teach their information and what their main teaching point is
  • Began working on scripts/projects

*Fall Art Activity:
  • We created short stories about fall using crayon resist and water colors 

Have a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Week 6!

Wow! I can't even believe we have already been in school for six weeks.  Time is flying!  We had another jam packed week of learning.  Check out some highlights below:


  • learned 1/10 and 10 times of a number
  • Practiced powers of 10 by playing a Kahoot
  • Played trashketball to review unit 1 concepts
  • Took unit 1 assessment
  • Played math games with 5D on Friday
  • ***Ask your child about Trashketball!

  • Created a book club constitution
  • Studied internal and external character traits
  • Learned about accountable talk and practiced using talking stems
  • Had our first book club meeting 
  • Reflected on our best narrative leads 
  • Finished Scar Island and started reading Restart by Gordon Korman
*Social Studies:
  • Learned about Europe and what is was like pre-exploration
  • Learned about the Colombian Exchange
  • Introduced our final project
  • Ask your child who is in their group, what their topic is and how they are going to show their learning!
*Other Fun:
  • Met with our 2H buddies on Friday and read
  • Played a game of kickball against 5D!
  • Had a high knees and sprinting competition against Mrs. DeLello and Mrs. Loh
Enjoy the long weekend!
Mrs. Loh

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Week 5!

We had such a fun day at Stratham Hill Park on Friday!  Students worked so well together to problem solve and find success.  Check out some photos!


  • we participated in our first STEM long of a chain can you make from one piece of paper?

*Social Studies:

  • we began exploring what Africa was like pre-exploration
  • did a simulation activity outside to feel the uncertainty that explorers felt when they left/had to create maps


  • took the i-Ready beginning of year assessment
  • worked on rounding decimals


  • met with our book groups for the first time
  • worked on writing strong and powerful leads for our personal narratives
  • reflected on ourselves as writers and created a list of areas we could improve
  • students are taking ownership and are signing up for extra lessons to improve their writing
Enjoy your weekend!